Leadership Development

I develop training programs for managers specially tailored to your company. Every course is preceded by concise definition of the development goals. Management participation is essential to ensure maximum success of these seminars.

Key topics during the leadership seminars:

  • Examining role expectations and conveying leadership attitudes important to the company and/or customer (executive management, board, owners, etc.)
  • Learning how certain tools and instruments can support leadership work
  • Developing personal approaches to leadership responsibility

My courses are highly interactive: I transport leadership competence almost exclusively by incorporating real, practical examples from the participants. This way, application and implementation already begin in the seminar room. I work intensively to involve every participant personally, to work on their own strengths and build on the securities they need to make efficient decisions.

Some examples of my seminars:

  • Leadership Program for team, department and division leaders
  • Training courses for 1st level managers such as leading experts, shift leaders, production team leaders
  • Training courses to prepare junior managers and advanced potentials for their roles
  • Leadership workshops for experienced managers
  • Practice transfer days to work on specific case studies from leadership praxis