Team Development

I am convinced that teams are the keyperformers in our business processes. Whether permanent work groups, temporary teams, virtual or international teams – they all share the same goal: to utilize the potential and knowledge of each and every member so that the team results exceed results delivered by individuals.

Winning together –how can that succeed? Successful teams are competent at many levels, a feat that cannot, of course, be achieved on their own.

Accompanying teams on their way to success, I typically include the following aspects:

  • Clarifying the team’s mandate – distribution of tasks, structures and processes
  • Identifying and leveraging teams’ working methods & behavior
  • Clarifying relationships within teams – feedback – conflict management
  • Clarity and agreement on performance quality standards
  • Activating teams to achieve results

All team workshops are individually designed and supported as needed by assessment and feedback instruments such as, for example, TMS®